Herb Information

Fenugreek - One of the best and strongest herbs for increasing milk production. Fenugreek is a seed from the Mediterranean area that has a bitter taste and a maple syrup smell.

Blessed Thistle -Increases milk production while helping to alleviate mild forms of postpartum depression. It is a bitter herb which is healthful for the liver and digestion. 

Fennel Seed -This herb is great for increasing milk production, and at the same time is also extremely helpful in relieving symptoms of gas or upset stomach.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Is a dark, leafy green plant that is high in iron and niacin considered to be very nutritious. It not only helps to increase milk production, but it also helps the uterus recover after child birth, as it is a uterine toner.

Alfalfa – A great herb for increasing milk production while providing the body with lots of good vitamins and minerals. It is very high in Vitamin K, which helps to staunch bleeding. 

Yarrow- Yarrow may also relax smooth muscle in the intestine and uterus, which can relieve stomach and menstrual cramp, natural antiseptic, and staunch bleeding.

Nettle Leaf- Increases milk supply.  A rich source of iron, calcium, and folic acid. Nettle can assist with bleeding and reverse anemia.


Peppermint- Soothes and calms the digestive system while getting rid of gas, indigestion, and heartburn.

Senna Leaf- A natural laxative that relieves constipation and promotes weight loss.

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