How long does herbs last?

Herbs will last up to three years when stored in a dark cool area and sealed tightly.

What should loose herbs be placed in?

Herbs can be placed in a tea steeper which are available under the supplies tab.

How to prepare tea?

Herbs can be placed in boiled or cool water for ten to twenty minutes.

Can I mix with other tea?

You can mix and add Milky Melons with other tea flavors.

What if I do not see results?

It is recommended that you use Milky Melons Organic Herbal Lactation Tea for an entire two weeks to see results. 

Can  I purchase individual tea?

Yes, Milky Melons teas are sold individually at a separate price.  Please email us at info@milkymelonsllc.com

Milky Melons An Organic Herbal Lactation Tea


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