Our Story

Milky Melons LLC is an organic herbal tea used to promote milk production in nursing mothers.  Founded in 2016 by a new mother who experienced common struggles during her journey of breastfeeding.  The first few months were the toughest after having a decreased milk supply she began searching for natural remedies that would increase her milk supply. Eager to help other mothers with little milk production she formulated two varieties of organic teas the herbal blend and postnatal blend.  The herbal blend is a milk producing blend.  Our postnatal blend increases milk production, assists with postpartum depression, and afterbirth hemorrhaging while toning the uterus.  After developing Milky Melons she was determined to help other struggling mothers who experienced the same problem so a decision was made to start an all organic lactation line to help other mothers.

Milky Melons An Organic Herbal Lactation Tea


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